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I bring you some encouraging news at the start of this new year.


Dear Supporters, Brethren and Friends,

I bring you some encouraging news at the start of this new year. We just celebrated the graduation of four more men from our transition program. All but one of the men will be staying in our area. We will be renting rooms to them as we have the space. I want to share their stories with you this time.

Daniel has been out of prison for a little over a year. Daniel became a Christian while at Lawtey Correctional. He worked extensively with one of our volunteers, John Witt, while he was incarcerated. Daniel is currently working in management at a local McDonalds. He started there while he was in work release. Daniel has been a faithful servant while in the program and continues to help the other men. He has become a better leader and follower of Christ over the last year. He is planning on continuing to live in Middleburg.

Ken has been out of prison for about 18 months. I met Ken while serving a seven year sentence at RMC in Lake Butler. Ken was baptized into Christ while at RMC. Ken is from Polk County and plans on moving there in a few months. He is engaged to be married this summer. He has his CDL license and is currently driving for a mulch company. Ken has grown a lot in the last year. He has become more open to others and deeper in his faith. He is more mature than when he entered our program. We pray for Ken’s faithfulness when he leaves the area.

Buddy was released from prison in July of 12. He served four years in prison before coming to our program. He has been to prison five times. Buddy operated our lawn service for a year, but is now working for a pool company in Jacksonville. Buddy has shown himself as a man of integrity. We have trusted him with a great deal and he has earned our trust and respect. He continues to be a faithful servant of God. He became a Christian while he was at Lawtey CI. Buddy is planning to stay in the area and continue to work with our congregation in Middleburg.

Jim joined our program in November 2012 after spending more than 12 years incarcerated. He became a disciple of Christ while an inmate at RMC in Lake Butler.  Jim left prison with a severe hearing impairment. He has been blessed by receiving hearing aids through a state funded program called vocational rehab. The improvement the hearing aids provided has allowed him to attend a HVAC program through a college in Jacksonville as part of his retraining program. He has high hopes of employment after he completes the program this summer. Jim has a servant mentality. He is always willing to help out with the program or at the church. He can take on a task and complete it. He has been a faithful steward of the things given to him. He is planning on remaining in the area.

Paul graduated from our program in 2011. He and Angie have been married for a little over two years. Unfortunately, Angie was diagnosed with a brain tumor this past summer. The tumor was successfully removed and she had been undergoing chemotherapy and doing better. However, a few weeks ago they discovered the tumor had grown back. They are consulting with doctors now to determine their course of action. The situation is very serious. Paul has shown himself to be a rock and a shelter for Angie and her girls during this ordeal. I thank God that Paul changed his life while in prison so God could use him now in this heartbreaking trial. Please pray for Angie’s healing and that they will both continue to trust in our Father who has them in His hand.

It is exciting to see these men enter the next phase of their lives. Please pray that they can withstand the temptations that await them. They are off to a good start.

None of this would be possible without your support. These men had nothing when they left prison. Jim, for example, has yet to be able to be employed because of his disability. We have provided them with shelter, clothing, transportation and other support until they could stand on their own. We have given them teaching in God’s word, counsel and accountability. All made possible because of your donations to this work of God. Our donations were down in the last quarter. Please help if you can, or introduce our work to others that may be able to help. I covet your prayers for wisdom as I continue to do this work for God. Thank you for doing your part.

Daryl Townsend