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Just when things seemed to be opening…


Just when things seemed to be opening, we took a step back.  As of my last report, I was resuming limited classes at two of the institutions I volunteer at.  However, in August, RMC went back into lock down because of active cases.  They are still closed to volunteers.  Thankfully, the work has continued at Lawtey CI and they have even allowed us to have more men at our services.  I am seeing men at Lawtey now on Thursdays and Fridays and at our Sunday afternoon worship service.  None of the other prisons that I typically go into are open yet.

All nine men in the transition program are working except a new brother that just joined us.  He has been out of prison for several years, but has never really had stability in his life.  He was recently introduced to a congregation in Plant City that taught him the gospel.  They contacted me about the possibility of him entering our transition program.  Me and one of the other men in our program went down to meet him and talk with everyone about his situation.  After much discussion and prayer, we decided to accept him.  Please pray for his success.